Sunday, 7 June 2009

Social Networking

I am starting to, get over the Facebook buzz. Yes I was all abt FB until recently when personal circumstances made it necessary for me to go offline and to be honest I quite enjoyed my absence. Surprisingly so for someone who was a passionate advocate for FB. While I do appreciate its benefits, at the same time its like a gossip feed. You know, who was on there, doing what, saying what and sometimes it's all just a li'l too much. It feels claustrophobic and invasive, in fact. It's not just the people you wish you hadn't befriended but also genuine good friends; I really don't want to know who they've just argued with or their ever-changing relationship status. And so to keep my friends as friends and not have an audience everytime I express an opinion (yes even though I love a gd argument, sometimes, jst sometimes silence is golden!) I think blogging is the way fwd. No one to keep tabs on the time you logged in or whose pics you liked or where you'll be Monday evening, just simply talk about the business of life and whatever interests me without rattling someone else's keyboard.