Sunday, 27 September 2009


I was having a li'l rhyme battle this wknd on my boy DV's blog. We were talking about God v Evolution; I take a theistic scientific position that the earth was made through intelligent design by God whereas some peops are atheist and take a Darwinist position. So we went back n forth arguing, then somehow it became a rhyme challenge. That was the fun bit and this was one of my responses to this guy, K who is an atheist, like the Richard Dawkins type..... He's a li'l crass though:

K rhymed:
Intelligent design of the human race
Cant explain the flaws of the human face
Cant explain the flaws of the human spine
Only a fool would believe this is God's design
But consider evolution cuz the cause is blind
I'm throwing natural selection dead at your direction
Tell eve a fig leaf cant cover my erection

Kon Womyn replied:
boy you so lame,
viagra gon' make you insane,
if you believe in flaws
then you's a flaw,
pity, the fool who knows
not his own beauty,
pity the fool who knows not
that science is God's design.
While you still evolvin',
I've long been revolvin'
round the universe spittin'
verse of my birth,
see this urban Cushite's a star;
the imperfect perfect constellation
of a celestial Love Divine,
my face is His Grace
my spine, 33 spikes
of skeletal craft
ivory encased in ebony
the envy of a crackkker,
while crack fiends feen
for this cocoa cure,
even darwins don't stop gawkin',
I got them converted,
hurrying to confession
n 'fessin no big bang
coulda made
sumthin' this Fine,
Father Forgive;
son best believe,
I Am the I Am;
The Creator's Creation.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Burning Floods


I'm rhyming for the seasons & with reason
battling Malthusian confusions
to set right the illusion;
numbers don't equal consumption,
its obsessive possession of the material
that's material and critical
so let's not war over the biological,
its illogical let's talk abt p.o.w.e.r.

The power I possessed
and you re-possessed
I now seek to re-repossess
and I won't desist,
from shaking in my bones
making rain from praying palms
and quaking thunder as they clap
in streaks across the sky,
so that clouds give birth to floods.

FLOOD the toxic ships that defecate on somalia's horns
and drown the drones, bleeding burkhas in helmand,
in the hope of turning blood to oil,
like water was turned to wine,
so lesswillhavemore.
so lesswillhavemore.

FLOOD the profiteers from their ponzi temples,
conning penniesfromthemany tomanygivetothefew,
FLOOD the oxygen thieves in carbon plants,
stealing life from tomorrow's babies,
BURN the poison vaccines and monkey viruses
killing themanythathavetheleast
so that thefewwillhavethemost,

BURN the maps that divide and rule,
makin' each one kill one the law of the jungle.
it's savagery in reverse.
is this the reverse?
it's terrorism in reverse.
is this the reverse?
fromhastings1066 to kosovo1999
is this the reverse?
is blood the reverse,
for statisticians who hunger
for lessmouthstobefed
while thefewwhohaveplenty
givenot but taketake,
and kill, and kill, and kill.
there is no reverse,
for a dying universe
of greedythugs and emptyguts.

to be published in a forthcoming anthology on poetry now! copyright konwomyn, 2009