Thursday, 29 July 2010


We met in the Cape in the summer. We, The KonWomyn, them, Fifth Floor. Us, four poets without a mic and them, five (of 11) MCs spitting on the mic. Together we had the best of times, hiphop nites uptown and dancehall/Binghi vibes in the kasi. iGive thanks for the journey that made me the sista iAm today and for the many memories, but today I mourn the passing forward of one faya brotha.
Rest in Eternal Peace, Bongani Mangcu Bongz, KingDaniel, Zebo: one of CapeTown's finest MCs, among the baddes' graf artists and the most complex of souls.
Most High Bless.
JAH Live.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

FYI Fi De LondonTown Massive

The 8th London African Music Festival is on Fri 10 - 25 Sept 2010. For the masive dem in LondonTown in Sept, it looks like there's a few wickd events lined up all ova town. Artists include MC Solaar, DJ Edu, JJC, The Congo AllStars, Nestayi, Bulawayo, Osibisa, Alemu Aga and more.
For more info checkout: Joyful Noise and The SouthBank Centre, plus Jazz Cafe, Richmix, Stratford Circus, Bloomsbury Theatre and The Albany.

postcard from texas...

foto cred: Pat Sullivan/AP
Padre Island, Texas, US:
A trio of Kemp's Ridley turtle chicks make their way through
the surf after being released into the Gulf of Mexico
jacked from theguardian 27.07.10

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Nneka on a Park Bench

Watch the full concert at

Nneka - Come With Me from david moffly on Vimeo.

iLove how this interview's done on a park bench in New 'Ork wiv Baeble Music.
It's so simple, yet so so good!
The first video is a bit funny the first minute, but it plays alright. 

In DOPE Music We Trust!

Cricket n Crickets

Henry Olonga's book is out, should be an interesting read.
If I'm lucky somebody's going to post me a copy to review...I'll be nice. Promise.

Henry Olonga is Zimbabwe's first black player, has been a high-profile opponent of Robert Mugabe's regime and, alongside current England coach Andy Flower, made a public show of dissent against the President when the 2003 World Cup came to Zimbabwe.
The pair famously wore black armbands to "mourn the death of democracy" during a match against Namibia, an action which brought about Olonga's retirement at 26. Zimbabwe last played a Test match in 2005 after the majority of the team's first-choice players went on strike following a dispute with the national board.
But discussions are under way to restore them to the five-day game as early as next year and Olonga believes now is the time for reintegration.

"I think on the whole it is right for Zimbabwe to move forward," Olonga said at the launch of his new book on Thursday. It is a difficult decision for me to say that because on the one hand I have protested against countries playing in Zimbabwe and been very up front about that. But I think what Zimbabwe needs now is a slow and steady reintroduction to Test cricket. It's not as though whenever Mugabe is out of power, we can start talking about it the next day. By then it is too late. We are starting to play well in one-day cricket now so let's use this momentum and get to the stage where they are a competitive Test side in three or four years. The way forward is for Zimbabwe to play some of the lesser teams first and if we don't get beaten in two days then we are heading in the right direction."

Olonga admits he remains uneasy about Mugabe's role in Zimbabwe public life but he knows a return to Test action is essential to give cricket in the country a chance to prosper."I would whole-heartedly support reintroduction because I want Zimbabwe back playing Test cricket, but we still have the problem of Robert Mugabe," he said.

"How do you deal with a man who has presided over the destruction of his own country through his own flawed policies? It's painful compromise but I think Zimbabwe is on the mend. Certainly it is cricket-wise but politically there is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, I think positions are softening. Zimbabwe, to their credit, have put in place some reforms and they've got a lot of experienced players back.
"Alistair Campbell is back as convenor of selectors, Heath Streak is doing some work as bowling coach. I understand Grant Flower is thinking of going back as a coach and Dave Houghton is also back doing some work with them. That these people are considering going back into the game there helps other countries see that Zimbabwe cricket has a measure of legitimacy now."

My Two Cents: I don't know, much as I have maaad respek for de man dem, why are Heath, Alistair, Grant and Henry the mark of legitimacy? Has democracy suddenly been resurrected in Zimbabwe that they want to come back? Or is it a realisation that life goes on in Zim - Mugs or no Mugs, the hustle continues. As much as its nice to see these guys give support to the current team of fine players who've struggled to get to where they are now, I'm not entirely impressed, iCan't quite say what it is, but summink aint right. iAppreciate their calls in support of Zim playing Test Cricket, but the same people who protested against test cricket and were the catalysts in the mass exodus of the talent from cricket (Ok, 'cept 4 Heath Streak & Mluleki Mbangwa), now want us back in, really??? Asazi. Am iA H8r?

Current Zim Team,
 The Mountaineers

Pix iHeart


1.Chandigarh, India: A child sleeps in a hammock - Ajay Verma/Reuters
2.Aghandab Valley, Afghanistan: A US army soldier at combat outpost Nolen - Rodrigo Abd/AP
...siiick, but sick.
3.Dalian, China: A worker stands with oil covered feet after/
during the clean-up operation after an oil spill near the port - Liu Jin/GettyImages
...not much to different to those in the Niger, while in the Gulf of Mexico they're all suited up.*SMH* 

All pix jacked from the Guardianista 26.07

Friday, 23 July 2010


Born Tafari Makonnen
Crowned Haile Selassie I, The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah
Sunday July 23, 1892. (16 Hamle 1884 of the Ethiopian calendar)

And my father prophesied concerning them, saying, 'ETHIOPIA shall bow before Him, and His enemies shall eat the dust.' And in another [place] he saith, 'ETHIOPIA shall stretch out her hands to God, and He shall receive her with honour, and the kings of the earth shall praise God.' And in a third [place] he saith, 'Behold, the PHILISTINES, and the Tyrians, and the people of ETHIOPIA, who were born without the Law. The Law shall be given unto them, and they shall say unto ZION, 'our mother because of a man who shall be born.' Will this man then be my son who is begotten of me?"
-Kebra Naghast, chapter 50
fanx Ras JMM