Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The POWA Mixtape

fisttap @telamigo

South African hip hop guru, Tumi from Tumi and the Volume has finally dropped the video for the remix of Kanye West's Power he did last November. (See this previous blogpost for lyrics and background story). He's also dropped a mixtape in collaboration with a whole host of South African-based artists speaking out against sex and  gender-based violence. Some notable names are: Zaki Ibrahim, Ben Sharpa, Zubz and Proverb. The tape opens with some very depressing stats on rape in South Africa. Apparently "every 26 minutes a woman is raped and the majority think its okay."  In between the tracks Akhona Ndungane narrates her story of how she was raped. 
I wish I could just say how sick the rock throwback on Crush Boy was and go on about how dope tracks like What We Seek and Another Summer Without Sun are and how so and so kills it on this and that track. Because they do. All that and more, even, but the beats are overpowered by the graphic story of Akhona's rape sandwiched in between each track. Listeners cannot escape that. 
And that's a good thing. 
Salut & thank you Akhona for your courage in speaking out.
 It's called the POWA mixtape -POWA - People Opposed to Women's Abuse. 
Get your download here.
In DOPE Music We Trust


Anonymous said...

So female murderers, rapists and hooligans is the answer? How does that solve the problem of murderers, rapists and hooligans? What a confused and morally infantile message.

"No one man should have all this power but all women should have all this power" - that's the moral of the video. In case you haven't noticed, absolute power corrupts both sexes the video brilliantly depicts.

Life is not and doesn't have to be a zero-sum game. Don't be a part of the problem, come up with a better solution.

Soulja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akona Ndungane said...

Anonymous - completely missed the point, but that's okay.

Thanks for this great write up


KonWomyn said...


Chillout, please re-watch the video and download the mixtape. As you're watching think of this video as an actual message against sexual violence - that's what it aims to be as does POWA - it's an acronym for an activist movement against violence i.e it is not a part of the problem but a part of the solution.


KonWomyn said...

Hey Akona

Thanks for commenting and thank you again for doing this.


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