Thursday, 10 December 2009

Speaking In Tongues

Every once in a while it hits me, BLAM! I miss Shona; hearing it, speaking it and being in the presence of it. It's a craving that no other tongue can satisfy and no amount of phone calls home can quite quench. It's suffocating to primarily think and speak in one language if all your life you have been used to speaking and hearing more than one language. In moments like these hearing people speaking Chinese or Portuguese on a bus doesn't speak diversity to me, but alienation. I don't understand thus feel even further from home. I feel like I am out of sync and need to have the language part of my brain taken apart and re-organised so I can think and dream in Shona again. There is only one brain surgeon enough with enough skill and heart to do this; no surgery neccessary just get me on flight.
Mama me waaan' come home!

1 comment:

NoViolet Mkha Bulawayo said...

i sssssssssssssssso feel you on this, and it's a terrible hunger. let's just go home, i'll pick you up at quarter past! ;)