Monday, 30 August 2010

Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

An English Defence League member is KO'd by a Muslim brotha during an anti-Islam protest in Bradford this past weekend. Niceness!!!
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Jay said...

Respek to the man dem! LOL, man flew across the ground.

Since the BNP is broke, these nutters will be the next fascist group. Do you think there should be limits on freedom of speech if it has potential to incite violence? Bradford has a history of this type of violence and the police knew there would be violence so why wasn't the march banned?

KonWomyn said...

The thing is how do you determine 'potential to incite violence'? And how do you prove that that 'potential to incite violence' materially impacts on another's right to freedom? How do we determine what a real potential and what's permissible potential?

Jay said...

Sis, when Britain and America led sanctions against Iran and the invasion of Iraq, it was based on 'potential'. Israel cries about Iran because of 'potential threat'.

When councils consider banning people from wearing hoodies and from saying 'yo' on the bus and the government bans people from carrying liquids onto a plane - how is the action of one or a few members of society symbolic of a 'potential threat' of a massive group? Howz it actionable 'potential', when actioning materially impacts on others' right to freedom. How come there's no potential against fascists with a proven track-record?