Sunday, 16 January 2011

Our Dear Brotherly Leader

pic jacked from the interwebs...y'know how it go
Colonel, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution, King of Africa:
Mummar Gadaffi

"I am very pained by what is happening in Tunisia...Tunisia now lives in fear ... Families could be raided and slaughtered in their bedrooms and the citizens in the street killed as if it was the Bolshevik or the American revolution ...What is this for? To change Zine al-Abidine? Hasn't he told you he would step down after three years? Be patient for three years and your son stays alive."
Gotta love him! He's just the funniest isn't he?
What a pity though! Now that Ben Ali's been ousted, Our Dear Brotherly Leader must be quaking in his camel skin boots, feeling all feverish and begging for his big boobed Ukranian nurse to wipe the sweat of his brow. Now that his very own pesky plebs have decided to go on the rampage and have housing riots for three days running now, Our Dear Brotherly Leader must not get much sleep at all. 'Will they be coming for me next?', he mutters in his sleep...or so they say. But no one threatens the Leader and get away with so, so, so there goes your YouChoob Libya! Try having your riots now with nowhere to upload your narcissistic videos of anarchy. And if anyone thinks of burning themselves like the other plebs next door, the Brotherly One will be there in a flash with his water canon! Zey do not him Big Brozzer for nuzzin'! And if any of the nation's wannabe heroes think to piss on his statue, deface a government building or even think of kicking a lamppost with thine Leader's image, may the curse of a thousand pins and needles sting them in the soles of their feet and may they leap around the city like a thousand lepers in a marathon with live bullets to make the slow ones go faster.

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