Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Let Them Eat (Chinese) Cake...

President Mugabe
on one of his birthdays...
On the 21st of February 2010, President Mugabe turned 86 and threw a big bash
bankrolled by the Chinese Government, so says the Washington Post. 
How will the nation of Zimbabwe ever re-pay this gesture of kindness by our longtime communist friends of the east? For having spared the national coffers from being the President's personal withdrawal account this time around, three platinum mines and a diamond field would suffice.

Having stood unoppossed in the ZANU party elections in December '09, Mugabe is to stand for office in the next Presidential election in 2013.
 He will be 89...
Given this longevity streak - good genes and all,
would it be too early to predict he will stand for
the parliamentary elections in 2016?
He will be 91...
And no signs of dementia. (or so we think mmm)
  and when presidential elections come again in 2019, 
he will be standing strong at 94
and 2021 at 97 and 2025 100 and 2027 at 104!

Long Live Jongwe, only the weak die young.... 

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