Tuesday, 30 March 2010

africans souf, easss, norf and wesss of tha river

jacked from africansinlondon.com, map by timeout london


Jay said...

Souf Eas' massive praap, praap!

KonWomyn said...

LOL, wa'gwan blud?

Jay said...

U know de man dem always on a move in the endz. Remember, 'I Am The Endz!'

KonWomyn said...

True ting Guv', de man dem ruler of tha endz!

Play was siick tho', Ashley Walters IS THE MAN OF THE ENDZ, END.OF!

M. Rigmaiden said...

KW, what did your first commenter say? I have truly no idea whatsoever! This is where cultural differences in slang and vocab come to light!

KonWomyn said...

Hey Mahndisa

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Lol, this the UK street speak, but some things still miss me tho'. Massive is like fam, and most of Africans in London live in the South East or North in the Haringey or Hackney boroughs. Jay's just biggin' up his area, praap praap is wat they say here.

The endz is the ghetto and I'm talking abt the play "Off the Endz" we saw a few weeks back abt trying to get off tha endz.