Saturday, 13 March 2010

Tracks That I'm Feelin': Cape Town STAND UP!

I go waaaay back with some of the members of 5th Floor when it was an 11-strong group split between CapeTown and Jo'burg; it's nice to see them finally getting into the spotlight. These guys were b.e.a.s.t.s on the underground hiphop circuit in the Cape - they were the conscious voice to groups like Cashless Society & Groundworks (R.I.P King Pinn & Nikei)) who were equally baaad on the mic. The KonWomen (TKFM) witnessed many a battle between them and we rolled with 5th Floor - fun times with the family. I really hope this is the start of the good life for them and one day soon, it'll be the start for me too and I'll be back in Cape Town, my 2nd home.

This is Dreimanskap repping for the Cape Flats township of Gugulethu (NY1 baaaaby); - I love this track for the fusion of hiphop with traditional sounds and because they rap in Xhosa. The song is about  remembering your roots, culture and respecting your parents. It also talks abut circumcision which is the rite of passage to manhod in Xhosa culture - I don't believe in traditional circumcision (the Nazarite Vow & some disturbing stories of what happened to some of my peoples, some of whom are part of the o.g. 5th Floor so it's a ratha odd I'm posting this track together with the 5th and brings into kwestin why I even like dis track - because the track is not the act, nor is it it's mouthpiece, but truth be told, I'm still a li'l uncomfortable with it and debated about posting it) The guy with the bongo locks on the guitar is just the coolest! According to their record label, Pioneer Unit they've opened up for Dead Prez, Wordsworth (USA), Jonzi D (UK) and Ben Sharpa (SA) (anutha lyrical beast from waaay back).

From "Driemanskap form the vanguard of the new generation of proudly South African Hip Hop artists who understand that Hip Hop, more than any other musical art form, is about addressing important issues and representing where you're from. They are one of the pioneers of the Spaza movement, representing Cape Town with a rhyme style that combines their mother tongue, isiXhosa, with English and Cape Flats slang."
 fisttap to for hipping me to this spaza hiphop.

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