Monday, 26 April 2010

TruthSpeak: Bongz on The Power of Blogging & Rhyming

Over and above that which is clearly visible, and seen by all who possess the gift of sight or vision, lie various other unseen dimensions. Most of these are obviously, unwritten or have yet to be, documented. This is the essence of the work of the writers among us. Our duty remains, and always has been, one involving venture into previously unknown territories for the purpose of telling stories. As far as we can tell, this process has been ongoing since time immemorial. However, over the years, various forces have stood against this artform, feeling it as their duty to prevent such essential documentation from taking place. Yet to this date, they have been unsuccessful in stemming the tide of media formats and communication methods which have come about in this day and age. What also remains evident, is that with the progression of time, writers have always felt a need to change their formats and method of presenting their artform to readers.

However, one thing has remained constant throughout. We have been able to keep to the ethos and stratagems of those who came before us. These forebears and pioneers, would so often place their lives and personal freedom at stake , merely in order to ensure that interested masses may be able to consume that it is they had, out of sheer resilience as well as tactile observation, formulated and written. So, while some authors have found sustainance in the commercialization of the written word, others have done it simply to maintain a level of sanity and generally to be able to digress as well as philosophize on varying day-to-day issues.

What this has achieved, is that the universally 'coded language' (Niggy Tardust) that we as artists all have in common has become far more advanced in the way of 'steel sharpening steel', so to speak. We have been fortunate to be able to witness great moments in the ongoing process known by the mainstream as HIStory. Additionally, some have had the knowledge to look outside of this sequence of events and find amazing stories which historians, orators and archaeologists, had out of sheer ignorance or political loyaties, overlooked. For it seems that as long as there have been among that grouping been individuals who were, as is so often been the case, been willing to only sing to the tune of those who pay their bills. And, since art has always had a tendency to influence masses of people, it requires no rocket science to realise that it was one of the ways in which these same masses were confused, and force-fed with propaganda.

This indoctrination continues to this day, in the guise of newspapers, annuals and quartelies which are owned by certain organisations with particular ideological, socio-economic as well as political standpoints. This, as far as I can ascertain, has been an unfortunate occurence which, I might add, has led to the paperless revolution which we see coming about in this very time, It seems people are no longer akin to going out and purchasing bulky newspapers as they may have been in previous times. This simply because it has become as easy as clicking a mouse or phone keypad to gain easy access to this very same info, as well as opposing and unbiased views on the exact same subject matter. Thus, the same newspaper groups have since been forced to jump on the online or peer-to-peer bandwagon or lose out, it what may be termed as a do-or-die scenario. This has in turn, opened up a multitude of channels for bloggers to give their opinion on breaking news and current affairs.
Finally, I would like to urge more of you, my dear friends out there, to begin to utilise the power of their pens pencils and fingertips, in order to gain personal freedom of opinion and thought. For the more of us there are, the better it will be. And, if one of us are taken down by the powers that be, another one or two must pick up and continue where he or she left off. As I heard in a hip-hop song not so long ago, 'with resistance, the paradigm shifts.'



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