Wednesday, 9 February 2011

California on Egypt

While the Pew Research Centre has produced some very interesting research* to dispel the myth that Americans are not as ignorant as the rest of the world sometimes thinks they are,  some young people Cali are simply clueless. 
This is Kaseem G on the streets of Cali. 
* Pew Reasearch shows that +-32% of the public said that they kept up with news about the situation in Egypt and the Egyptian Revolution made up 56% of media coverage last week. This is said to be one of the 'highest levels of coverage for any story since PEJ started its weekly analysis four years ago -- and the highest for a foreign news story'. Kind of surprising given that America's fighting two wars and has military and humanitarian interests in so many countries around the world.


uglyblackjohn said...

Now ask the same people who won a Grammy and in what category.
Pop culture rules America - it comes with affluence.

Anonymous said...

That is sad, but oh so predictable. I say that because I am an American, and I know the area where he is filming. We have to face the fact that we're all idiots over here.