Friday, 3 September 2010

Wanna Start A Riot? Bread's The Thing, Bread Always Does It

Scenes from the recent two-day bread riots in Maputo, Mozambique which ended this morning. Following a 30% hike in bread prices people took the streets in protest, blocked the roads and looted shops. At present it is unknown who organised the riots, through mass texts and emails encouraging people to riot. Above are some scenes from the riots:

1.  A young demonstrator helps to setup a fire barricade to block out the police.
2. A demonstrator throwing a tyre onto the fire barricade.
3. Calm restored in Maputo, today and people are queueing for food, however, there are still reports of violence in the outlying areas of Benfica and Hulene.
4. Police patrolling the city.

New Bread Price: US $0.20
Average Lowest Salary / Month: US $37
Body Count: 10
Injured: 288
Acts of Unjust Violence by the State: Countless
(police ran out of rubber bullets and started using live rounds,
thus killed 10 people, among them a 12 year old boy...SMH)

All pictures from BBC Africa, Reuters.

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