Monday, 6 September 2010


If you're black, have some damn pride in 2010. Stop saying things like,
"I just knew that business wasn't gonna last when I heard Pasipanodya took over. Ah, typical of us mabhoyi."[blacks]

that shit, people!

When Hitler slaughtered the Jews in Germany,
did you hear white people walking around declaring,
"I just knew one of us motherfuckers was gon' do some shit like that.
Typical of us Caucasians, we're fucking racists, man."?

 Words by Zakeo Zakeos  of
The Silent Musings of A Mad Zim Executive
Words of ZakeoAAAWords W


uglyblackjohn said...

It's not just an African thing.
I think that's why I enjoy the people at DeeVee's spot - few people there feel confined to the stereotypical limitations placed on them by others.
One rarely sees comments like, "You know how we is.".

Anonymous said...

That is so true, hey, all over the world blacks have been brainwashed to think less of themselves and that blacks cannot run a business or a country. The colonizers and slavemasters were so wicked that even to this day, black people suffer from inferiority complex and self-sabotage. I think that is very ironic because we simultaneously believe in black pride and black freedom.


Anonymous said...

By the way, this guy is brilliant, I agree 100% with both of his comments. Badmouthing your country is connected to the belief that blacks can't make it.


KonWomyn said...

I'll respond tomorrow people, I've had some mad computer drama.