Sunday, 5 September 2010

Stop Badmouthing Your Country to Foreigners:

When is the last time you heard a Brit say: "You know, England is headed nowhere. What a shit country this is, if I had the money I would move to Uzbekistan coz this country is going down the toilet"?

Are you tired of Americans abroad saying:
" I'll never go back to the States, dude, hell naw. I mean, what for, there's a recession, executives are stealing money, fuck that, I'm gon' stay right here in Abuja."

Please, stop being an ass about your country.Yes, we have problems, but if all the brains that could help solve our problems stay away until "things get better", how will they ever get better?

Let's bitch to each other, but not to outsiders. And let's bitch with a view to improving things. Coz no matter how much your punk-ass settles in wherever you are or how realistic your accent sounds, you will always  be just that. A punk-ass foreigner, yeah?

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahhaaa oh man dude u make me so HAPPY!

U've eighteen times the wit the average human male is supposed to carry. This is why we play :)