Thursday, 1 April 2010

Erykah Badu Mushes Down Babylon

I.M.O, the video for Window Seat challenges conformity and herd behaviour; adherence to social rules will forever bind people as prisoners of our the Plantation/Babylon rather than free us. If the thought police who are 1xtra pissy that Erykah stripped nekkid would dedicate half as much energy to analysing why they believe so fiercely that Ms Badu is in the wrong, but say nothing of Lady Gaga and Madonna then they would realise they are stuck in the hypocritical mind trap of group conformity and double standards. That the video was shot guerilla style - no permit and no specialist crew is symbolic of anarchist stance and also breaking away from the mainstream of high budget productions to make a big impact, e.g. the 9 min vid for Telephone (Gaga & Beyonce) which iRefuse to watch on principle. (long story)

 Compare and contrast the silence when Alannis Morisette did her naked video and D'Angelo's 'How Does it Feel' was marketed as the sexiest vid on the planet. Why?
Because Ms Badu does not 'fit in' with the mainstream which the herds are fed everyday as music and entertainment then she must be sanctioned and put in her place. Moreso because she falls dead very near to where the Amerikkkan Messiah was shot. Watching some of the comments of people in the video uptop would make you think it was Yeshua's tomb she had stripped at. 
Plantation folks in the US are overly sensitive about JFK & 9/11. If  Badu had done this in the UK, it'd be considered protest art if she'd shot her video near 10 Downing Street or the Palace - but if she'd done this near Princess Di's grave, the gutter press would crucify her and hold no punches unlike the carefully disguised racial dimension of some public opposition in the US... Go 'head wit' yo' baaad self Erykah, break free from Babylon, go 'head till the sheeple become free-thinking people!

iCouldn't post the video because the embedding code's been disabled and all other copied versions have been taken down by UMG. Its downright ridiculous for UMG to be such hegemonic hawks, the very thing Badu sings against is exactly what the record company does, now I'm mad real mad Joe Jackson maaad
On the flipside tho' iGotta wonder, why is she signed with a big record label if she's so free and independent, her music is still not being controlled by the corporates, they not her nor the people she's singing to, they decide who has control over the uploading and sharing of the video. $$$.

we have all been VICTIMS of groupthink. we are ALL guilty of groupthink one cant oppose groupthink , its a part of human nature, [and all one can do is] only recognize his/her position in the thing and redefine his/herself
....they play it safe, they are quick to assasinate what they don't understand.

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