Friday, 22 October 2010

The New KKKlan in the Age of Obama

New Tea Party Ad
And then they go 'We have a Black President, we're a post-race nation'. Absolute nonsense! This is dirty, disgusting, KKKlan type politics and I felt so hurt watching this. I wasn't offended by the Joker image before of Obama because I knew the back story of the original artist, but it's appropriation in this context is deeply offensive and so is the Angel of Death comparison. 
In the Age of Obama, the new KKKlan's propaganda operates at a not-so subliminal level.
And then Black people like Lloyd Marcus (rhymes with Ruckus) wanna join this? Really? 

And then you get this other kind of foolishness that just makes me weak! iHave no words! My people, I implore you, enough with this Souljah Boy (thank God my ancestors were slaves so could I rock my bling today) kinda stupid, wake up and realise what's going on.
Update: comment from We Are Respectable N*gros:
The Baracka Flacka Flames video is also proof of an instinct I have long held dear and (usually) kept private to myself: white supremacy is the greatest invention of all time, not because of its durability per se, but rather because of how the subject internalizes it, reproducing the conditions of their own self-hatred and subordination.

I am unafraid to speak to the obligations of black respectability. Sadly, while some of us are ready for the responsibility of having our first Black President, others have clearly demonstrated that they are not. How pitiable and tragic that some confuse a poverty of material circumstances with a poverty of self-respect and black pride.

It's well worth reading in it's entirety:
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Anonymous said...

The Obama advert is unreal! It's disgusting, how can any black person support this? These right wingers take America back to the dark ages.

Watching the hip hop song after the Tea Party ad is disorienting. I'm shaking my head.


Jay said...

Why so serious blud? It's meant to be a joke, satire is an art with many forms sis.