Saturday, 16 October 2010

Failed Asylum Seekers: Dzokai Muyemwe

"We have today announced the resumption of enforced returns to Zimbabwe for failed asylum seekers judged by the independent courts to have no right to remain in the UK. This decision reflects the improved stability in Zimbabwe since 2009 and the UK court's view that not all Zimbabweans are in need of international protection. Those facing return will join the hundreds who have returned voluntarily, responding to calls by Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to return home and help rebuild their country. The British Government takes its international responsibilities seriously and will always grant protection to those in genuine need, and continue to monitor events in Zimbabwe."

- Immigration Minister, Damian Green's statement on Thursday on UKBA's on return from a fact finding mission in Zimbabwe to determine whether or not it is safe to resume deportations for failed asylum seekers.

Apparently the UKBA (UK Border Agency) thinks its safe enough to resume it's racially-biased deportations of Black Zimbabweans, but some of my friends say that's BS because if it's not safe enough for the England cricket team not to go on tour Zimbabwe, it's not safe enough to return people. Frankly, I couldn't care less if England doesn't want to play with us. Bangladesh, India, Ireland, the West Indies and Kenya have come and will all come back again to play cricket,  so David and Nick, 'keep your Britain and [we] will keep [our] Zimbabwe.' But  some of my friends are mad at the UK for this, but I fail to see what they're so angry about; that England and Scotland don't want to come and play, yet Zimbabwe is safe for Zimbabweans or that deportation is an inhumane practice by a country that believes it is a defender of human rights? If it's the former, are they saying that England and Scotland's tours to Zimbabwe are the benchmark of all things Zimbabwean? Are Zimbabweans not safe to go back to Zimbabwe because England and Scotland won't come play cricket? C'mon people Mother Empire's long friggin' dead, for goodness sake! 

My friends know that the evidence on the ground concurs with the findings of UKBA (shock horror!) so why is it that 'Zimbabwe is hell' becomes the default position when we talk about mass deportations but when we talk about the economy it's 'Zimbabwe's coming back to life'? We all acknowledge that persecutions continue, but for the majority of the populace things are significantly better, so why this opposition? We also all acknowledge that next year's elections could tip the balance of peace in favour of violence as this has become the ZANU way of elections, but, honestly what number of these failed asylum claimants were political activists?Are people suddenly doped up on 'Zimbabwe is hell' rhetoric that they instantly forget there are no firing squads waiting for them? 
iCan't understand it.

If it is the latter reasoning that they're upset with UKBA - fine, I geddit, but who hasn't always known the UK to be two-faced in these matters, it's nothing new. I think it's blindingly obvious there will never be such a thing as fair immigration in this country, there will always be disproportionate treatment of migrants from developing nations and deportation is one of those biased, inhumane forms of treatment. As I've iterated several times on this blog and elsewhere, I believe in open borders; there's nowhere on God's green earth that no human being should be prevented from going in order to make a better life for themselves and, in principle I think it's nonsense that poor people should be deported from rich countries and it's ridiculous that visa requirements for people from poor countries are set at an impossibly high level and visa rejections are the standard response, even for those who meet the requirements. If a mass influx of migrants is payback for this attitude in policy as well as colonialism, unfair loan/debt policies and unfair loan/debt policies between nation-states, the extreme wealth of corporate nations and disparities between mega-wealthy individuals mainly in the West and the poor of the planet, then payback's a B!^£#. 

Having said that and acknowledging how deeply messed up the UK asylum and deportation system is (RiP Jimmy Mubenga) , of the +10000 Zimbabweans facing deportation I see two groups of people I sympathise with differently: genuine and fake failed asylum seekers. If failed asylum seekers from Zimbabwe are genuinely in fear for their lives and made their claims before 5 March 2007, then they must go the Further Submissions Unit route (Google) to plead against deportation and I pray things work out for them. For those who know deep down in their hearts there is no real threat on their lives and they've invented stories of violence, take the £3000 package and return home. Go start up a small business, help rebuild your country.  Zimbabweans should not create a national culture of gaming the system at the expense of the country and personal dignity. Being locked up in Yarl's Wood Detention Centre or living off of State benefits and charity handouts because you're prohibited from gainful employment and with promises to cut back on everything, poor non-EU migrants will get hit the hardest first. The UK isn't paved with streets of gold, it may have it's pluses, but the UK really isn't that amazing a place to be. For all the births, baptisms, graduations, dowry proceedings, weddings, funerals and endless days of sunshine people have missed out on whilst pleading for asylum on this muggy island, 
Blighty really ain't worth all that, trust!

Harare International Airport
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Anonymous said...

Lol, you actually wrote it. All I can say is you know my position and the death of Jimmy Mubenga enforces my position even more now.

How can you be open borders when you don't recognise economic refugees which is what most of these asylum seeking Zimbabweans are, whether in UK, SA or Botswana.


KonWomyn said...

Wsup Nqo

I had to have the last word y'see.

I recognise economic refugees as I said there's no reason why someone should not be able to make a better life for themselves. A better life isn't always outside one's homeland if you're given £3000. That means prosperity can be pursued in Zimbabwe.

If ten people pooled their money together that's £30000 - can you honestly tell me nothing can be done with that? And you honestly think it's better that some people fight to stay and eventually get jobs working long shifts for minimum wage because they think 'Britain is heaven.'

C'mon Nqo even you can see that's not logical.

Anonymous said...

Is that 3k for everyone?


KonWomyn said...

No, it's for failed asylum seekers. Check this.

Anonymous said...

Okay, but getting 3k to start up your life in a volatile place is not the same as earning a decent wage in a stable country even if it's a shitty job.

Next year will be a repeat of 2008's violence, how can your conscience be okay with that?


Anonymous said...

But Nqo if you lied about political persecution, if there is violence in 2011, chances are you won't be affected. Some of these people were opportunists who lied to get asylum, those are the people who should return home.

I agree with KW the fake asylum seekers should go home and stop being ashamed of where they come from. It's pissing off that people want to go and build someone else's country but they hate their own, that actively encourages perceptions of inferiority and that's why there are divisions between Diasporans and those who stayed.

Even though I'm in S.A at least I'm contributing to Zimbabwe's development through work with my organisation and we'll be going back in a few years.


Anonymous said...

No ST, every election year there are fresh waves of violence, new victims, new refugees. You can't guarantee anyone's safety, are you a n'anga?


KonWomyn said...

For every asylum faker there should be 10 STees, Zim wld be a beta country!


All three of us know at least five people who lied to get papers. People who don't have a political bone in their body and have no affiliation whatsoever to opposition parties. If they went back to Zim today nothing would happen to them so what makes you think 2011 is doomsday for this group of 10 000?

Just before Murambatsvina in '05 the Brits deported abt 10 000 people. Do you know if any of these people experienced violence?

I'm not unsympathetic or in denial of some of the horrors people have been through, but we're specifically talking abt returned asylum seekers here.

BLOCKEM said...

I am British.

I wish the whole damn lot of you freeloading, worthless, lying, thieving con men, women and children would get to hell out of Britain and do not steal the £3,000 you are now being stupidly offered to get rid of you lot. Get to hell out of my country - get back to your own disease infested poverty stricken dumps you have created.

The Zimbawea people are worthless.

KonWomyn said...


Please leave the childish tirades at the door, either contribute something worthwhile to the discussion or don't bother at all.

Write something stupid again and I'll delete and block you.

Jay said...


This ain't about Zimbabwe, this is about Bablyon's power - asylum seekers today, Non-EU black n brown people dem tomorrow.

Check how dem killed Jimmy Mubenga, keep the children in detention centres and keep the black n brown youth in prison more than America.

See how dem bumboklat come chat nonsense and expose dey ignorance.

Gotta always be united Sis, can't let them ride us out like dis.

KonWomyn said...


True ting, unity is important.

But... what are we uniting for? For Babylon to prosper off of people's labour while their native lands continue to lose out?

We unite so people stay here as dependents of the welfare state or perpetually in debt and living on false credit?

We unite so we continue to foster people's false perceptions of their homeland?

No Jay, we unite for repatriation and to rebuild ourselves, regardless of skin colour. Let those who genuinely fear be protected and those with skills and knowledge gain from what is here, but we must repatriate.

I don't want to see World Vision or Doctors Without Borders healing and feeding people for generations when I know the NHS is made up of Zimbabwean doctors and nurses and farmers now wear suits as camouflage.

That can't be right, blud.

Anonymous said...

In that case get rid of ZANU. All things are possible without ZANU.


KonWomyn said...


I haven't blocked you, yet. I don't know what happened to your last comment, I have it in my inbox but it's not showing here.

Your comment reeks of xenophobic ignorance. Zimbabweans do not come to the UK en masse to live off the welfare state, most come on work or student visas which do not entitle them to anything here. They contribute taxes and international student fees to the coffers to keep others on welfare.

I'd rather one intelligent person commented on my blog than 10 ignorant people spreading their racist, xenophobic bile on my blog. You don't have to agree with, just have the basic intelligence to construct a decent argument not the kind of elementary school racism that belongs on BNP and Storm Front forums. It's an embarassment to all things British. I pity you.

KonWomyn said...


I'm not censoring you, the internet hates idiots. Here are your Griffen-esque, pea brain hallucinations in all their glory:

"Kon Womyn, “lost” it, did you? - here it is again - sad you had to resort to your tired, played-out racist card, the joker in the park ....

There is nothing “childish” in my posting - my contribution is extremely worthwhile - that which I have posted is representative of that which is now being openly spoken on the streets of Britain. Block me if you so choose - the feeling is such in Britain that we will block you and yours. Public action will have to be taken to remove freeloading Zimbos. We no longer wish to listen to your screams of ASYLUM, ASYLUM, ASYLUM - we’ve had enough.

Zimbos come to the UK and they give birth to their Zimbo offspring. We are expected to house, feed, cloth, heat, educate et al your worthless offspring. Bloody well look after your own offspring in your own country - you lot breed them - you lot feed them!

Even the Zimbo people are wise to their own people ....

New Zimbabwe, Wilbert Murambashoma
"Zimbabweans must come home and stop ass licking the Brits. The Brits arent stupid anymore to fall for that stupid excuse of fearing being killed, none of you failed assylum people are even a risk to a growth point in Zimbabwe, so stop lying and jump on the next flight its game over."

And here’s the latest news on another lying, cheating Zimbo ...

' A 32-YEAR-OLD man was remanded in custody for a week when he appeared in court yesterday charged with attempting to defraud the Marie Keating Foundation and the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre of a total of £274,650 (€314,400). Mr Tuzuka, originally from Zimbabwe, was charged that on September 10th last at AIB bank, Main Street, Swords he attempted to induce a bank official to transfer £179,650 from a Marie Keating Foundation account at the bank to an unnamed account in the UK.'

Delete me, so what, very few people are reading your blog, little point in posting."

KonWomyn said...

Happy now? Feeling all warm and stupid inside now? Good. Now bugger off back to the hole you crept out of and don't ever post your bullsh!t here again!

BLOCKEM said...

Kon (con) Womyn said ....
Happy now? Feeling all warm and stupid inside now? Good. Now bugger off back to the hole you crept out of and don't ever post your bullsh!t here again!

How dare you address your superiors by dribbling out your obscene rhetoric from your uneducated sick little mind. How dare you insult the people who have to pick up your HIV diseased infested Zimbos who dump themselves in Britain. How dare you abuse those who are expected to try and educate your idiotic, brain-dead, pop-eyed “children” who are churned out by their Zimbo “parents” to obtain more benefits or to be used as a blackmailing tool to keep themselves from being deported.

One of your little ongoing lies .... “Zimbabweans do not come to the UK en masse to live off the welfare state, most come on work or student visas which do not entitle them to anything here.”

Truth, from Nehanda Radio .... “Zimbabwea tops list of UKA asylum seekers” .... and .... “Zimbabweans top list of asylum seekers worldwide”. Student Visas? - Zimbos are idiots - they haven’t the brains to be educated at any level.

There you have it, Zimbos are a load of worthless, lazy, unable to be educated, wandering nomads escaping from a worthless, poverty ridden, disease infested sh!thole - “Now YOU bugger off back” to the sh!thole you crept out of and don't ever dare to insult your superiors ever again. Remember what you are - a ZIMBO - the lowest form of “humanity” on the planet.

KonWomyn said...

Blah Blah Blah Blah!

As much as you hate Zimbabweans you read up on them and quote them soooo much as your authority, albeit wrong and out of context.

You affectionately call them 'Zimbos' and you riff off of my lines. Boooo! Get original, you git. You just told on yourself.

Either you're a self-hating crack-head from Zimbabwe or a schizophrenic Brit with residual teen issues, trying oh so hard to get noticed.

So you did, I see you. And then? Pull your skirt down, put your poms poms down and put down the haterade, show's over Blockhead.

Get off my blog, prick!