Tuesday, 14 December 2010

TIA: The White Room

Jusa, ft. Kazz & Cynthia from ThisIsAfricaChannel on Vimeo.

This is Africa have now launched something called The White Room where African artists perform one acoustic track in a white room in any studio around the world. Every week is a new artist and first up on the 7th of December, was Jusa Dementor, Cynthia and Kazz (from the duo BKay and Kazz) doing a cover of Bob Marley's Zimbabwe. iLike, but I wish Jusa would stop ad-libbing every five seconds! It's distracting and annoying especially at the beginning when Kazz is singing. If they ever release this, somebody please tell Jusa to kill the ad-lib. Other than that, it's a good cover. 


Anonymous said...

They smashed it love it!!!! Gwan Jusa!!! Dancehall Ambassador

KonWomyn said...

LOL, glad u loved it Anon.