Monday, 13 December 2010

True or False?

To perform December 18, 2010.
From ZimboJam:
Mary J. Blige is being brought into the country by Impeccable Events with the support of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. Representatives of Impeccable Events, Belinda Mutinhiri and Studio 263 Actress, Tinopona Katsande confirmed to The Zimbo Jam this afternoon that the show was going on.
“She’s landing on Friday, performing on Saturday and will be out of the country on Sunday,” said Katsande. “We are bringing her in particular in line with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. If you Google her you will see that she has been through a lot of stuff. She’s a hero for many women.”
According to Impeccable Events, only the VIP tickets for her Zimbabwe show will be on sale in advance, at US$60. The other tickets will be on sale at the door on the evening of the concert at US$30.

...nice to know ZTA is making so much money that they can afford to bring Mary J. Blige. I'm not big on her, but I don't mind that she's coming, it'll be fun for those who go, but I have a little request for ZTA since they are evidently swimming in money; it'd be nice if you gave some of that money to the Ministry of Energy so we can have constant electricity and maybe a little cash to the Ministry of Education so teachers can be paid and schools properly funded and if there's still enough to round a little to the Ministry of Health so the country can afford to treat it's citizens. Oh and while Impeccable Events are splashing out on Mary J. could they also give a pot of money to the police services to send them on gender training courses so they don't disbelieve women when they come to report cases of abuse and the police themselves don't threaten to arrest every woman clubbing at night because it's assumed that during the festive season of December, a woman without a man at her side, going into a night club must be prostitute or a loiterer. It's not nice having to bribe the police not to arrest you for going out to party, what happens the night I'm broke? If Impeccable Events or ZTA could help in any way with this small matter before the 16 Days of Activism are over, it'd be much appreciated.
That is all, on with the show.

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