Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Old Song. New Video

This is a track by Comrade Fatso and Outspoken ft Chabvondoka which came out over a year ago and last month the official video was released. I posted the live version of this video some months ago ( iCan't hyperlink) and I still prefer it to this one. This is more sanitized and clean whereas the other one was much more potent because it was live, but still this is a nice video, some cool graphix. I don't know why the Shona translations are wrong - maybe not wholly wrong but they are incorrect in several places, these are just a few: hapana chakanaka means there is nothing good and toonana kuma streets means we'll meet in the streets, at 1:29 ivovanoenda kustars isusu tino atengesa means they go to stars (the night club) and we sell them (a play on the club name and the poor selling stars). Not nitpicking but #justsaying.
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