Thursday, 27 May 2010


This is a choooon! Its been out for a few months now, but my friend hipped me to it only 3wks ago. Basically it's about leaving home in search of love and the singer tells his younger brother to write letters to him or sing the childhood song - hence the kids singing the song. It's a Chewa song that kids growing up in Zim singing - 'cept they cut off the end of the song, where you say 'Amina ju jeksen' where you  poke your playing partner in the you know where...
It's not often that you get Masvingo (aka Massies/Vegas) repping on the urban music scene. Faaar less common is Coloured (Mixed Race) & Indian peoples singing/rapping in Shona, so big ups to these brothas for putting multicultural Zim on the map.


Anonymous said...

Rewind Selecta! This is nice.
Indians and Goffels hardly produce records and to sing in local languages is a rare find. Andy Brown and Peace of Ebony did some good music in Shona. Asi there is a diaspora generation coming up like the Gandanga music stable. There is also Cde Fatso who is a tight poet. Does Fame Nickelz do tracks in Shona?


KonWomyn said...

Hey ST

I don't about Fame Nickelz doing stuff in Shona - just words here n there from the songs I know. I just know JVince and people like Metaphysics rap in Shona and he's in charge of Gandanga. Its a nice name for a media company, gandanga chaizvo! lol.