Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Farsi Denims


pyjama coups and farsi denims
hang inside my closet
wedged between peace and revolution
for the bargain price of buyonegetonefree,
in the heat of june's power sales.

a color match strikes into a restless flame
of crushed denim and glitzy green scarves
dying the ocean red
giving it the texture of hardness
only the kiss of lead
can give.

it's a death only
beatnik mermaids vibin'
to breakbeats,
on oceanfloors
can resurrect.

and in this trance their
sequined swishing tails
can turn red seas back to blue.

copyright konwomyn 2009, to be published.

i wrote this almost a year ago when neda soltani died - yes the iranian girl even tho' the references are quite obscure. that's the whole point of poetry right - to be obscure, yet creative in your craft, not to the point that no one understands you, but with the right degree of mix of creativity and obscurity to reflect or make comment on how life is lived. dunno if it works here, but ay fashion makes a good metaphor. ; )


Anonymous said...

I like your poem. It is not obscure - cut yourself some slack -it is, in fact, quite explicit. It is compresssed and allusive perhaps, which is a good thing to me. I like the way it brings fashion, dress sense and revolution together.

And I like your website too - full of the weird and wonderful, the topical and newsworthy.


KonWomyn said...

Hi Ebele

Thanks for commenting and complimenting. I'm glad you dig my poem and the blog. Are you also a poet? Drop a verse if you like.

CNu said...


Why these BlackSun loving cats sporting Persian/Arab Beauty at the bottom of their website?

What that means?

KonWomyn said...

Wzup CNu
You linked that site before rite. My guess would be that it's a fetish for Iranian women cos if you click enter on the site there's a series of half-nekkid and burka-ed beauties.

CNu said...

Occam's razor....,

{and there I was hoping for an arcane historicultural narrative}

KonWomyn said...

Sorry to disappoint, but I go no clue.

Is there something you know?

CNu said...

I got nada..., but perhaps after I finish muddling through a little of what a commenter this morning left it'll make a little more sense.