Friday, 7 May 2010

The Tory Party: defending the rich and attacking the poor since 1678.


Jay said...

Know what I mean blud!
Clegg forming a coalition with the Toffs is the ultimate betrayal, Sis! For a dark moment I thot Blair was rite - tactical voting is bollox!

We got Zac Goldsmith as MP and he's such an eedjit, he didn't even know what his winning margin was when asked by the press. We were a LibDem constituency but money and power can swing tings plenty. Susan Cramer used her own money for the campaign but the Toffs got an endless suply o'dat.

KonWomyn said...

Blud, I felt betrayed too in the beginning and would have much preferred a minority Conservative govt, but let's see how this joint thing works. I got my hopes in that the Libs will reign in the wayward sect of the Tories, but I don't see it lasting 5 years.

I have no faith in William Hague and Lord Ashcroft collaborating with the Libs for too long. And George Osborne is going to bungle up things unless Vince Cab is Chief Sec to Chancellor.

How's life for you in ConDem Nation?

Jay said...

Well, Cable's Business Sec without control of the banks. How long u fink before the hardcore lefties Hughes, Cable, Kennedy etc call it quits? I say 6 months, standard!

KonWomyn said...

That's standard, son standard! (like Kano say). I fink 18months, though judging by the way Kwestin Time went on Thurs, Simon Hughes is due for some deep introspection esp after Kennedy's piece in The Observer. Vince Cabe, well faaar less than 18months, Gideon's smirk and kooky economics will send him packing in 6months, 12 tops!