Saturday, 29 May 2010

Destination Dollarbill$

This track by Wanlov (Ghana) is on a compilation of emcees & singers on the experience of leaving their home country to another neighbouring or outside of Africa. Its set to drop on the 14th of June and some of the artists include Wanlov - Green Card, K'naan - 15 Minutes Away and Zubz - A Time to Heal . TBH iAint too thrilled about the album title, Yes We Can: Songs About Leaving Africa - overkill much? And given that Zubz's song is about reconciliation in Zimbabwe and hoping the Unity Govt will work. It would have been better if Batanai : A Tale of Two Cities or the dope hidden track featuring Zubz on Tumi's Whole World's album had been included, but still that's abt SA xenophobia not leaving Mama A....iDon't know about the appropriateness of the title.
The cover's got bling v poverty with some Djimon Hounsou lookalike...again, iDon't know about that. Not. A. Good. Look. Anutha thing is that bec I've heard most of the tracks before, so this is a 50/50 download for me....On the plus side, I'd like to hear Daara J's (Senegal) track which was apparently made especially for this album and some of the other songs I've not heard before and maybe the 'complilation effect' may make it worth copping after sampling.
It will be available on iTunes and Amazon.

stumbled on story @ thisisafrica


Jay said...

ouch! reviewed b4 bein' dropped. lol.

KonWomyn said...

Yea jst telling it like iSee it. The album has its merits 4 sure, some fire tunes on there, but there are some things, iAint feeling, esp the cover.

Ever heard of HipHocalypse? Now Sensai Tate needs to drop some sorta compilation of the choons he's played on that show.

KonWomyn said...

And I say that bec some of those songs are not available on download and not in the record stores in this part of the world.