Wednesday, 16 June 2010


James Brown!
James Brown!
James Brown!

Silly youuuuuuu!

You love hip hop
but you don’t know whoooooo
made that beat drop.

He’s the maaaan
with 2 Funky Drummers
in his baaaand

And he made
your Grand-Ma
want to daaaance!

And he made
your Grand Pa
wear tight paaaants!

to do the
camel walk
to do the
mashed potatoes
to do the
funky chicken
to do the

James Brown!
James Brown!

- Saul Stacey Williams, part of a collection of  children's poems 
commissioned by Nickolodeon for Black History Month.

shamelessly jacked from his FB fanpage.


brohammas said...

Great musician and one of the best NPR interviews I have EVER heard.

Some lady trying to interview the legend when niether her nor anyone else could understand a word he said, yet he kept talking and talking.

LOved it.

KonWomyn said...

Hey Brohammas

Only seeing this now, I hope you come back and see this. Thanks 4 dropping a comment. Hahaha, JB was legendary. What's the name of the interview?