Thursday, 17 June 2010

Waxing Futbol Mundial

<a href="">World Cup by Nomadic Wax</a>

Nomadic Wax has produced yet another (peep the May archives for the Diaspora Mixtape) siiick hiphop collabo with emcees from all around the globe dropping heavy truth rhymes about the World $ Cup, even some natty dreads up in dere! My only gripe is it's 12 minutes - c'mon dass waaay 2 short!!!

From the site: Each of the fifteen international rappers artists featured on the track recorded their verses independently in their own country sending the finished vocal files to Brooklyn New York to be mixed and mastered. "This is the kind of global recording collaboration that could not have even been imagined even ten years ago" said Nomadic Wax Creative Director Magee McIlvaine. "The fact that we can get fifteen of the world's most talented Emcees to collaborate in this way is incredible. This is just the kind of transnational synergy that get me excited about the potential for international hip-hop to have a major impact on the world stage."

"World Cup" is the first of it's kind and explores the complexities and controversies of this historic event: the first ever World Cup to be held in Africa. According to The Economist, “South Africans themselves are grumbling about the eye-wateringly large amounts of money that FIFA…is poised to make, even though South Africa is bearing most of the cost.”

Legendary South African emcee Emile YX (Black Noise Crew) used the 'World Cup' track as an opportunity to respond to what is currently happening in his hometown of Cape Town, rapping "We'll foot the bill just so they can foot the ball." Emile and 15 other artists from a range of nations, including Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, and Trinidad-Tobago, among others, rap their verses in French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Arabic and explore many of the controversies, benefits, and pitfalls of the historic 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
The track was mixed by Eliot Leigh of Funk Nouveau and mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering.

Emcees: M.O.A. (Ghana), Trinitro (Togo), Zero Plastica (Italy), Emile YX (South
Africa), Alfaress (Morocco), Eli Efi (Brasil), Hired Gun (Usa), Eyewitness
(Senegal), Metric Man (Trinidad-Tobago), Seo2 & Mc Nauck (Chile), Hadji B
(Senegal), Outspoken (Zimbabwe), G.O.Man Ztrazik (Tunisia), Eyezon (South
Africa), 7th Mic (Burkina Faso).

In DOPE Music WE Trust!!!

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