Saturday, 5 June 2010

The GOAT, Brazil v Zimbabwe

pic jacked from The Grauniad. Foto cred. Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

Brazil played a World Cup friendly against Zimbabwe this past Wednesday and although we lost, 3 - 0 that really aint bad against the legendary Brazil. The last two goals were just waaay waaay too easy and The Warriors could've done better, but I'm proud of them. They got to play against Brazil, in ZIMBABWE! That is just the dopest thing of the year! Sorry Sizzla, I know you came but we're talking about Brazil here, BRAZIL! Needless to say The Grauniad were 1xtra pissy about it, and they once again show they have no understanding of wa'gwan in Zim rite now. They fail to see what this game meant to Zimbabweans at heart. Just for the pride alone, tatenda Gushungo, thank you for hooking this up Mugs (Mugabe), f'real! 
And maaad maaad props to the national cricket team who have been cruuushing India in the Tri-Nations Series (India, Zim & Sri Lanka) currently taking place in Harare. 
iHope they win this, our cricket team's been thru plenty hard times bec of Mugs n Thugs Inc.


uglyblackjohn said...

I liked soccer (football) but was never really into it until the World Cup came to the US.
I went to watch the US team lose to Brasil in Pasadena, California and it was the most fun I'd ever had at a sporting event. (Brasilian fans are crazy hyped.)

After the World Cup came to America, soccer seemed to become a more valid sport here.
Will an African team win the cup?
Probably not.
But will fans enjoy the games?
Heck yeah!

KonWomyn said...

True, you rite about that UBJ. The spirit of the games can't be under-estimated. They say there isn't much of a buzz in the US, but most tickets were bought by Americans, is it just a money thing?

Jay said...

What's wiv Brazil charging African countries millions to play friendlies? They done the same thing in Tanzania. Nah blud, dat's wrong, don't care who they are, it's extortion!

Go Engerrrland, Bafana and Ghana!

KonWomyn said...

Gwaaan Engerrrland!!! Dontcha know, this a No Three Lions Zone??? LOL!

Blud, how different is what the Brazilians doing compared to the Cameroonian coach? He get paid $2M (!) for a month's work! How much u fink Capello's rakin' in now? $5M and up. Football's a money game. And Brazil's profiting from their legend, no diff to Maradona demanding millions for his services to Messi & gang. Seen?