Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lowkey: The Most Relevant Grime/Hip Hop Artist in the UK Today

‎"The real enemy is not the man to your front your facing with a rifle, it's the man directly above you telling you to pull the trigger" former British soldier Joe Glenton.


uglyblackjohn said...

The only relevant Hip Hop is always that which originates from outside of the establishment controled popular media.

Jay said...

Boom ting! Not enuff people listening to this truth man, all dey want is pop star rappers like Chipmunk n Skepta dem. People's minds become so manipulated by the government, there is no war on terror, the government is the real terrorist raping and killing the people dem everyday.

KonWomyn said...

Wsup People

In 2010 Marx's phrase comment on religion should be changed to materialism is the opiate of the masses. Across the board, musicians and audiences want music that glorifies the material, but the majority remain ignorant to how what's really going on.

Jay's right, the real war on terror is being waged by these Western governments on everyone in the most subtle and overt ways. But still there is no resistance bec people are so doped up on the material that they don't realise.

True Black J, to begin with hip hop wasn't part of mainstream urban culture, that's why it was and still is perceived as such a big threat, whereas for enlightened folks it provides the truth.

Anonymous said...

We need more Jay Electronicas and Lowkeys and less Chipmunks and Li'l Waynes running around! Brilliant song.

Anonymous said...

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