Friday, 12 November 2010

The Cool Ruler

Gregory Isaacs 
Son of Judah
Born 15 July 1959, passed 26 October 2010 and to be laid to rest 20 November 2010.
On the 10th of November was a tribute to Gregory Isaacs at a church in Harrow Weald, London after which his body was flown back home to Kingston, Jamaica. He is to be given a state funeral and deservedly so, for his contribution to reggae music and as a lifelong ambassador of Jamaica. In my country, state funerals are the privilege of political figures who fought on the side of the ruling party, cultural contribution matters nought. Still, fare thee well Cool Ruler thank you  for the music, skank sessions downtown and late nights ekasi
Night Nurse was legendary.
(UK massive check KissFM for a nice David Rodigan tribute from a few weeks ago, hope it's still there.)

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