Saturday, 13 November 2010

Braap Braap, it's MacDaddy Museveni

In the busy life of a President, Prez Yoweri Museveni has found time to spit a few bars and make a rap video as part of his election campaign and to prove he's just as hip and up to date as young Ugandans. Yes, Sevo! I'm feeling both the original and the club mix, props to Fenon Records, however I'm not so keen on him having a fourth term in office, that's just my 2cents not being Ugandan and all.
Translation of nursery rhyme in Runyankore: 
He was given a knife, gave it to the people who harvested millet, gave the millet to the cattle keepers who in exchange gave him a cow which he took to the king and the king gave him a wife. The Wife gave birth to a son called Mugarura.    (fisttap politicalscrapbook)

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