Monday, 1 November 2010

Mr Fuzzy Slipperz

Something Has Changed in Me

Fuzzy Slipperz, born Lisolomzi Pikoli is an up and coming artist from South Africa who fuses tradition African imagery with street graffiti art in his work. This 21 year old has just had his first solo exhibition called Something Has Changed in Me at 38 Special Art Gallery (Johannesburg) where he sold 60% of his work on the first night. Fuzzy Slipperz paints on backpacks, skateboards and canvas and below are a couple of his paintings I shamelessly stole from his website: Mafuta Ink which is well worth checking out, as well as Mahala, click the link for a full interview ( and read about the how, why and where to next in this young ninja's life.

"Troubles in the sky" said a bird with a microphone.
pics 2 & 3 jacked from Mahala
all fotocredits: Adam Kent Wiest and Mafuta Ink

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is good stuff, I'll look out for his work in Durbz.