Sunday, 14 November 2010

From Rush to 'Ye

'When you spoke about President Bush during the Katrina telethon, it was not the particulars of your words that mattered, it was the essence of a feeling of the insensitivity towards our communities that many of us have felt for far too long. It was the image of the President, our President, the President of the United States Of America, peering out the window of an airplane, as the people on the ground were drowning, that hurt us the most. For centuries, our people have relentlessly tread water as hard as they could to stay afloat, and here we were, literally drowning, and it felt like the President was insensitive. 
There is no need to apologize, Kanye.'

Extract from Russell Simmons' open letter to Kanye West.
There is really no need for Kanye to be apologize ad infinitum 
every single time he appears to offend someone.
Calling George Bush an uncaring President is one of the better descriptions
on a long list of names for him 
some of which include: terrorist, idiot and warmonger 

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